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Connecting to Shopify

To connect erplain to your Shopify, follow the instructions below:

  • If you already have an erplain account, simply go the erplain Menu: 'Apps':

  • Then click on the 'Connect erplain to Shopify' button:

If you don't already have an erplain account, you have 2 options:

  • Open an erplain account (sign-up link), then go the Menu: 'Apps' and click on the 'Connect erplain to Shopify' button or
  • You can open your erplain account directly from the Shopify App Store.

IMPORTANT: Once you have chosen to synchronize your products between Shopify and erplain, make sure not to modify manually your inventory in Shopify, it will not update your inventory on erplain as Shopify doesn't capture the inventory valuation. To make adjustments to your inventory, log into erplain and create purchase orders, stocks entries, stocks removal or stock movements. Of course this applies only to manual adjustments.

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