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Adding products or services to your orders

Adding products to your Sales documents, Purchase Orders and Stock adjustments works the same way in erplain.

You have 3 ways to add products:

1. Start typing directly in the 'Product or Service' column, select the product and update the quantity:

2. Click on 'Add multiple products' to easily add many products at once:

  • Select your products by clicking on the product row. You can search to filter based on name or SKU:

  • Update the quantity:

When adding the quantity of the products, the Available column will turn yellow if your product Available Inventory goes below the Re-order point of the product. It will turn red when the product Available Inventory is out of stock.

3. Another way to add products is to use a Barcode scanner. Click on 'Scan barcodes':

  • Scan your products, they will be added automatically
  • Type the quantity or scan them multiple times

Any barcode scanner compatible with your device will work with erplain. Make sure it is setup as keyboard input mode (standard).  You can find many USB or Wireless Barcode scanners on Amazon.

You can create a new product or service directly from this menu by clicking on 'Create product' or 'Create service'.

Lastly, you can add a Custom product by clicking on 'Add Custom product'. A custom product is a product used only in this document and its inventory will not be tracked.

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