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Creating Purchase Orders from Sales Orders / Backorders

You can create a Purchase Order directly from a Sales Order. This could be useful in the following 2 cases:

1. You don't have enough products available to fulfill the order. In this case, you will see the following option in the Sales Order:

2. You simply want to use the same products and quantities from the Sales Order to create the Purchase Order. You will see the following option:

In both cases, erplain will start the process to create a Purchase Order for each of the Suppliers assigned to your products:

  • Next: Update quantities and suppliers if needed.  You can assign a default supplier for each of your products. This is done when creating or editing the products.  If you remove the Supplier to '- None -', it will not include this product in a Purchase Order.

  • Click on Next  - From this page, you can choose to add the Products to a new Purchase Order or add them to an existing Active Purchase order:

  • Review your other options and click on 'Create Purchase Order(s)':

Once you have created the Purchase Order(s), you can edit it to change any of the other values.

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