Creating a product

Before creating your first Estimate, Sales Order, Invoice or Purchase Order, you will need to create a product or service:

  • A Product is a physical good, something you can see or touch
  • A Service is intangible, such as an hour of labor

You can also watch a short tutorial video in our Video section.

Below are the steps to create a product or a service. The only required information is the name of the product:

  • Click on the menu 'Products and Services' then 'Products' and 'Create Product':

  • Here you can type your product name, SKU, description and pricing:

  • Categorize your products with Tags, Brands, and Season. You can also add product pictures:

  • Enter the product inventory information:

You can also create your product variants directly from this new product form, this step is optional but recommended. Refer to this article for more information.

  • Save:

For more detailed information about managing Products, please refer to this article.

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