QuickBooks settings (2018 version)

After you have connected erplain with QuickBooks Online, you need to update your connection settings. Go to Menu 'Apps' and click on the 'Configure QuickBooks Online' button:

The settings are divided into the following categories, simply click on each section to make your choices:


- Price Sync

erplain supports multiple price levels, such as Wholesale price and Recommended Retail price. Select which price level you would like to sync with QuickBooks:


erplain allows you to manage products in multiple locations. Select the erplain stock location that will be synchronized with QuickBooks. When syncing the inventory from erplain, we will count the sum of your inventory across all stock locations. When an inventory adjustment is coming from QuickBooks, erplain will adjust the inventory only in the default stock location:

In case you have setup locations in QuickBooks for reporting purposes, you can map your erplain locations with QuickBooks from the Location tab:

When saving an Invoice or a Purchase order, erplain will send the location name to QuickBooks. There is no synchronization of QuickBooks locations to erplain.

- Products sync

For Importing, exporting and mapping your products with QuickBooks Online, please refer to this page.

Ledger accounts mapping

Map your QuickBooks ledger accounts to erplain. We have assigned default accounts when possible. Please check each one:

You can also edit each product's account directly in the product profile:

You can find more information about the Ledger Accounts mapping on this page.

In addition to the Ledger accounts mapping, you can also map your payment methods. Please visit this page for more information.

Taxes sync / mapping

You can automatically create a new tax on erplain from existing QuickBooks taxes. Creating a tax that is a group of multiple taxes will automatically create the corresponding sub-taxes.
In the left column, we listed all the taxes created from erplain and in the right column, the list of taxes from your QuickBooks account. Simply select the desired accounts to map your taxes between erplain and QuickBooks:

Documents sync

You can control when to send your erplain documents (Invoice and Purchase Orders) to QuickBooks. By default, erplain will send automatically to QuickBooks:

Custom fields

This option will only be displayed if you have created custom fields in QuickBooks.

- Account Manager Sync

If you have created a custom field in QuickBooks for your sales team (Account managers, Account reps,...), you can map it to erplain's Account Manager field.

- External Reference Sync

If you have created a custom field in QuickBooks for your Purchase Order numbers (for example), you can map it to erplain's External Reference field.

- Sales Order number Sync

You can include the erplain Sales order number in your QuickBooks invoices. Make sure to add a custom field in QuickBooks for the sales order number.

In QuickBooks Online, you can create a custom field by going in 'Settings' > 'Sales':


In this tab, you can disconnect erplain from your QuickBooks account. 

IMPORTANT - Connecting Erplain to a new QuickBooks account

Disconnecting your Erplain account from QuickBooks to connect to a new QuickBooks account is not supported. We recommend that you either:

1.Open a new Erplain account for the new QuickBooks account or

2. Delete all the data in your account before connecting Erplain to a new QuickBooks account.

Once you connect erplain to QuickBooks, your products are linked, your invoices are linked and your customers are linked. You would experience many inventory issues by connecting to a new QuickBooks account.

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