Products sync QuickBooks (2018 version)

After connecting QuickBooks with erplain, you will be able to import the products created in QuickBooks to your erplain account.

Import from QuickBooks

To start importing, go the menu Apps and click on 'Configure QuickBooks', then click on the 'Start importing' button:

Once the first import is done, all the products created on QuickBooks will automatically be synchronized with erplain. You can uncheck this option (Not recommended).

Note that erplain gets product updates from QuickBooks every 15 minutes so please expect a little delay before changes appear on erplain.

Export to QuickBooks

If you already have products created in your erplain account, you will be able to export them to your QuickBooks account.
Click on the 'Start exporting' button to export your products.

Once a product from erplain is published on QuickBooks, every change made on erplain will automatically be updated on QuickBooks (inventory adjustment, pricing update, name,...).

Products mapping

If you have existing products on both systems, you can map them in order to create a link between the products. They will sync between erplain and QuickBooks.

- Choose which system (erplain or QuickBooks) will be the Primary or Master, then click on Save and "Map products".

- For each product, you can search for the matching product on QuickBooks or click on Auto suggest to find a possible match between erplain and QuickBooks.  Click on Save once you found the corresponding product:

For more information to the other QuickBooks settings, please visit this page.

Publish to QuickBooks Online

When you create a new product on erplain, simply click on 'Publish to QuickBooks' from the product profile to start syncing with QuickBooks:

Information sync

Once your products are synchronized between erplain and QuickBooks, the following information is updated in each account:

  • Product name
  • Product description
  • Ledger account assigned to the products (only from QuickBooks to erplain)
  • SKU
  • On Hand Stock
  • Re-Order point
  • Purchase Cost (only from erplain to QuickBooks)
  • Unit Price

Note that if you are using variants in erplain (same product with different styles or types), each variant will create a unique product on QuickBooks.

You can find more information on Variants in this article.

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