Account Managers

If you have Account Managers or Account Reps selling your products, you can get detailed reports on their sales. To keep track of their activity, create the Account Manager, then select their name in your sales documents (estimates, sales orders and invoices).

To manage and create your Account Managers, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the Menu 'Settings' > 'Account Managers':

  • This is the list of your Account managers:

You can Edit them by clicking on:

You can Disable them by clicking on:

  • To create an Account manager, click on the 'Create an Account manager' button:

  • Next: Type the contact info, and Save:

Sales Reports

To access your Sales reports and filter by Account Manager, go the the Sales Reports in the Intelligence section. 

You can find more information on the Intelligence reports in this article.

User access

Creating Account Managers doesn't give them access to erplain. If you want to add users to erplain, including dedicated permissions for Account Managers, please refer to this article.

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