Re-Order report

The Re-order report will list all your products that are below their re-order point (ROP).  The re-order point is the minimum inventory threshold that you can assign to each of your products.

  • To assign re-order points to your products, edit or create a product (Menu 'Products & Services' > 'Products'). Then simply type the re-order points:

  • Once you have entered re-order points for your products (or some of them), open the re-order report by going to the menu 'Inventory' > 'Re-order':

  • You will see the list of products by location that are below their re-order point:

Purchase Order from Re-order points

erplain will help you create Purchase Orders automatically based on your Re-order points.

  • Simply click on 'Re-order':

erplain will start the process to create a Purchase Order for each of the Suppliers assigned to your products and select quantities automatically based on the Re-Order Points.

  • Next: Update quantities and suppliers if needed.  You can assign a default supplier for each of your products. This is done when creating or editing the products.  If you remove the Supplier to '- None -', it will not include this product in a Purchase Order.

  • Click on Next  - From this page, you can choose to add the Products to a new Purchase Order or add them to an existing Active Purchase order:

  • You can also add the products to reorder to an active and existing PO:

  • Review your other options and click on 'Create Purchase Order(s)':

Once you have created the Purchase Order(s), you can edit it to change any of the other values.

Please note that erplain will add the first 50 products to the PO. If you need to add more products to the same PO, please create the first PO then add remaining products to the active PO:


You can also setup email alerts to be notified when the inventory of your products are below their Re-order point.  You can find more information on the Alerts in this article.

Inventory Bulk Update

You can also add or edit your re-order points from the Inventory bulk update page.

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