Drop Shipping

Drop shipping allows you to send products directly from your Suppliers to your Customers.

If you want to activate the Drop shipping option, make sure to enable this option in the Company settings.

Drop shipping from Purchase Orders

You can find this option in your Purchase Orders. Change the Delivery type from 'In Stock location' to 'Drop shipping':

  • Next: Simply select the Customer. The Purchase Order will show the Customer contact info instead of your company info. The products included in the Purchase Order will not change your Inventory.

  • Once the products are received by your Customer, simply click on 'Product(s) received by customer'

Then simply confirm or update the quantity that was received. If not all the product were received, decrease the quantity or remove the product(s):

When the remaining products been received, simple repeat the process from the Purchase order. The remaining products will be displayed automatically.

Once all the products have been received, the status of your Purchase Order will be 'Completed automatically'.

Drop shipping from Sales Orders

You can also find this Drop shipping option in the Sales Orders. If you select the 'Delivery Type' to 'Drop shipping' in the Sales Order, you will find this button below instead of 'Create Shipping Order':

You can then finish the Drop shipping process by clicking on 'Create Purchase Order'. erplain will generate a Purchase Order with 'Drop shipping' automatically selected as the 'Delivery type'.  You can then complete the Purchase Order as explained at the beginning of this article.

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