Creating and managing product variants

Variants: sometimes the same product is available in different styles or types. For example, you might sell shoes in a number of different sizes, or a table in different materials.

Options: for example, if the product is available in different colors as well as different sizes. Colors and sizes are options.

Attributes: for example, if the product is available in different material, wood and plastic. Wood and plastic are the attributes of their parent option (material).

For example, a table is available in different styles (variants), they come in different materials and sizes (options); wood, plastic, small and large (attributes).

Each variant has its own stock level and can also have its own SKU and prices.
By default, we have created 3 Options: Colour, Size and Material.

To create or edit Options and Attributes, please see the Variant settings page. This is important that you go to this page prior to creating your variants if you wish to change the default names (Colour, Size and Material).

Creating Variants

  • While you are still in your new Product form, click on 'Create Variants' button.

  • Add the Attributes to create your Variants. All your Variants combination will be created automatically:

  • Save and you are done

Note that you can also manage and create new product variants and options once the products / variants have been created:

1. Go to your product list (in the menu 'Products & Services' > 'Products').
2. Click on your product, you will see the list of variants, then click on 'Add variants' or 'Add an option' and follow the instructions.

Editing a Variant

You can edit each variant by clicking on the Edit button:

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