Price rules / Advanced prices

In addition to your price levels, erplain lets you create price rules. These rules apply when you are creating sales and purchase documents in erplain. They allow you to change the list price of your products based on conditions like sales location, dates (promotions), product category, or customer category.

Fonctionnalités avancées

To create and manage advanced prices or price rules, open the Advanced prices menu: Products & Services > Advanced prices:

On this page, you will see all the existing price rules that you created for your products:

To create a new Advanced price, click on 'Create an Advanced price':

Step 1

- Select the variants (products) to apply the Advanced price to

- Choose a name for this Advanced price

- Select the Price level that will trigger this rule. Selling Price levels will apply to your Sales documents, Purchasing price levels will apply to your Purchase orders.

Step 2

- Select the price type: Set or Calculated

Set will replace the selected price by a set amount: $35 for example

Calculated will calculate a new price based on a formula

Step 3

- Select the conditions (if any) that will trigger this price rule:

Don't forget to Save:

In this example, we are creating a new price that will be triggered for all products variants, discounting the Wholesale price by 20% for customers with the Tag: 'Disti'.

Please note that your price rules will be triggered in the order of priority in which they were created. Only one rule can be triggered at the same time.

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