Opening CSV files in Microsoft Excel

In this article, you will find information on how to open .csv files in Microsoft Excel.

Warning: We recommend this method only if the file is not to be uploaded in erplain. If you want to edit a .csv file prior to uploading it into erplain, we invite you to check this video tutorial on Opening and Saving CSV files with Google Sheets.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Excel

Open Microsoft Excel and select "Blank Workbook"

Step 2: Set up your data source

In the data tab choose "From text/CSV" or "From text" and select your file. If you use a former version of Excel go to Data > Get External Data > From text

Step 3: Set up the format

Once the file is selected, Excel will detect the format automatically. If Excel does not detect the format (former version) tick "delimited", set the file origin as "Unicode UTF-8" and set the delimiters as "Semicolon".

Step 4: Click on "Load"

Opening CSV files in Microsoft Excel (video)

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