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Reporting is the starting point to take control of your inventory, improve your sales and make better decisions for your business.
To help you access your key metrics, erplain provides you with pre-built reports in the intelligence menu: sales reports, overdue invoices report, inventory valuation report and more.

Go to the Intelligence menu:

Sales reports

You can customize sales reports to reflect the metrics that are important to you and that you want to access in one click. Simply choose the relevant columns you need in your report and apply any filter.

Selecting and ordering columns

From any sales report, you can click on the Column button to select the information you need to display:

Select the information: 

You can also click and hold (Drag and Drop) on any information to move it and change the order.

Filtering the report

Like your other pages in erplain, you can filter your sales reports by product name, tag, customer tag, date range, ...

You can find more information on using filters on this page.

Saving the report

Once you have built a report, you can save so that you don't have to rebuild it every time. To save a report, click on the report button:

and click on the "Save report" button:

The saved reports will be in your list or reports directly in the Intelligence menu:

You can also start a new report from scratch by clicking on the "Add" button.

Exporting reports

Like your other pages in erplain, you can export the reports by clicking on the Export button:

Once exported, you can share, print and do calculations directly with the spreadsheet.

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