Setting up your B2B Portal

Enabling the B2B Portal

The first step to create your B2B store is to enable the Portal.

1. From the Main menu, click on B2B Portal:

2. Click on Enable B2B Portal:

B2B Portal settings

These portal settings will apply to all your customers. You can then customize price levels, locations or the product selection for each customer.

1. Store setup

The URL is the browser link for your customers to access your B2B Store. Example: 

Note that when you invite your customers to your store, the email will include the URL.

You can also include your Google Analytics Tracking ID if you need to get reports on your store usage.

Then, you can add a support email and phone number. It will be displayed when clicking on the question mark at the top of the page:

2. Product setup

In this section you can select the product categories (Tags, Brands and Seasons) you would like to have available for the B2B Store. 

Note: In addition to selecting these categories, you will have to send your selection of products to the portal. This is done directly in the product list. You will find additional information on this selection in the Products section.

You can also choose to Display your Available stock, Display out of stock products or Allow purchasing out of stock products.

3. Orders default values

These default values will only apply if you haven't selected a Price level, a Stock location, a Tax type or a Tax in the customer profile. The Customer profile value will have the priority.

4. Featured products

In the section, you can select a few products you would like to feature at the top of the product selection. You can use this feature to highlight popular products or products on sale, for example.

5. Customization

In this section, this is where you can customize the look of your store. You can select the following options:

- Primary and Secondary colors

- Login headline

- Login description

- Login background

- Portal banner

Here is the login screen for your customers. The Login background is shown on the left:

The Primary and Secondary colors will be used to customize your store, as shown in the example below. Select the HEX Color or click in the color box:

Primary color:

Secondary color:

The portal banner is shown at the top of your store (1500x300 ratio):

Preview of your Customer's store

You can preview what the store will look like for your customers. From the menu Customers in the B2B Portal menu, you can click on "View customer's portal":

IMPORTANT: Once you are done with previewing your customer's store, make to sure to Exit by clicking on "Leave Portal".

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