Shipping Orders

Sales orders and Shipping order work together. The Sales order updates your available inventory and the Shipping order updates your on-hand inventory.

Shipping Orders can only be created from Sales Orders. Open the Sales Order and click on 'Create Shipping Order':

erplain generates a Shipping Order with quantities matching the Sales Order:

You can do partial shipments, therefore creating multiple Shipping orders from one Sales order. 

Simply decrease the quantity or remove products from the Shipping Order:

The Sales order will show you the remaining products:

If you go back to your Sales Order and click again on 'Create Shipping Order', it will automatically input the quantities based on the remaining products. 

You can find more information about the Sales Orders in this article.

The document number of the Shipping order will be automatically filled in. You can leave the default value or customize it: erplain will generate the next one using the same pattern. For example, if you enter "D00-ABC1", the next one will be "D00-ABC2".

PDF and email

Once you saved the Sales order, you can generate a PDF document by clicking on PDF.

You can then send it by email directly from erplain by clicking on the Action button then 'Send by email':

You can create email templates to avoid retyping the same information each time. You can find more information on this page: Email templates.

You can change your PDF Settings from the Setting Menu > Company Settings > PDF Settings. More information in this article: PDF settings.

The Shipping Order status
You can update the Shipping Order status based on your company process: 'Pending', 'Make the shipment', 'In preparation', 'Ready to ship', 'Shipped' and 'Delivered'. 

Note that you will need to update the status to 'Delivered' to change the status of the Sales Order to 'Completed automatically'. You can find more information about the status of the Sales Orders in this article.

Note: Changing the status of the Shipping order doesn't update the inventory.

Creating a Sales Order will update your Available inventory. Your On-Hand inventory will only be updated when you create your Shipping Order(s).  All the products included in Sales Orders but not yet in Shipping Orders will be Reserved.

All the products included in Shipping Orders will be removed from your On-Hand inventory, regardless of the status of the Shipping Order.

For more information about the Sales workflow and the inventory update, please refer to this article.

Manage Invoicing
You can create your Invoices directly from your Shipping Orders. This could be convenient if you need to invoice your customers before the full Sales order has been shipped. Simply click on 'Create Invoice':

Picking list
erplain can generate a Picking list to help find the products in your stock location or warehouse. They include product names, SKU, quantity, Bin number and weight. Click on the Actions button and Picking list:

The Shipping orders dashboard
You can access your Shipping Orders list from the Sales menu:

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