Packagings are used to buy or sell a product in multiple quantities. For example, you can buy a product in a box of 100 and sell the same product in a box of 10. It is also used to define the "By sales unit" when a product is not sold by the unit but only by 10.

IMPORTANT: Packagings are replacing existing Packs to add new features and possibilities.

Unlike Packs, with Packagings, you can have a SKU, a description, barcodes, tags, images and other product categories (season, brand, ...).  Another major benefit is that you can now use Packagings for products with batch tracking enabled.

And for B2B Store users, you can now publish the Packaging on the B2B Store and not its underlying product (unit product). This is very useful when you don't want to sell a product by the unit but only but 50 for example.

Unfortunately, because the technology behind the new Packagings is very different from the Packs, this is not possible to migrate automatically Packs to Packagings. It is therefore necessary to create new Packagings. The Packs will be removed from Erplain in the next few weeks.

Creating a Packaging

To create a Packaging, open the unit product (menu 'Products', and click on 'Products') and click on "Create Packaging":

Select the name of the packaging, it's quantity and it's pricing. If you choose not to enter the pricing, the price of the packaging will automatically by the price of the unit product times the quantity.

Using Packagings

Once you have created one or more packaging for your product, you can see them directly in the unit product:

You can edit them to make some changes by clicking on the pen:

Or you can delete them by clicking on the trash can:

All your Packagings will now show in your product list like any other product. They can be selected in sales or purchase transactions.


When you sell or purchase a Packaging, the inventory is automatically adjusted accordingly. For example, if you sell the Packaging "Wine ABC - Box of 10", the inventory of "Wine ABC" will be adjusted by minus 10.


This is possible to create Packagings from product variants. Open the product variant and click on "Create Packaging":

Packagings in the product list

Your Packagings will be displayed with your products in the product list. In you need to differentiate the Packagings with the other products, you can add the Type column in the product list. Click on the Columns button and select "Type":

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