Batches & Serial Numbers

You can trace products along the distribution chain using batch numbers. They are also called lot numbers or serial numbers for unique IDs.

Each batch number can have an Expiration date and a Barcode number.

Note: Please note that Batches are included only in the Premium subscription plan.

Creating a Batch

New product

To create a new product with Batches, go in menu Products > Create. Then select the product type as "Batch tracking":

Existing product

To start tracking batch numbers for an existing product, open the product (from the menu Products > Products), then click on 'Start tracking batch numbers':

IMPORTANT: Once you have enabled batch tracking for a product, this is not possible to reverse this action as it is changing the structure of the product.

Please note that Batches are not available for products that include Packs.

If this existing product has inventory, then you should allocate the current inventory to Batch IDs:

- Open the product and click on "View Batch IDs:

- If you have multiple stock locations, select the location and click on "Add a Batch":

- Type the Batch ID, Quantity for this location, Expiration date and scan (or type) the barcode (Expiration date and barcode are optional):

IMPORTANT: Once you have created a batch ID, you will no longer be able to edit the quantity from this page in order to preserve a reliable traceability of your batches. If you need to make manual adjustments to this batch, you will need to use stock entries and stock removals.

IMPORTANT (2): Note that each Batch ID needs to be unique. Once a batch ID has been used you can no longer use the same ID, even if the product associated to the batch is deleted.

- Click on 'Save for this location'

Congratulations, you have created your first batch!

Editing / adding new batches

Once you have created at least one Batch for a product, you can Edit and Add Batches by opening the product and clicking on 'View batch IDs':

Adding Product batches to your Sales / Purchase / Stock documents

Now that you have created your batches, you can select the Batch IDs for your products directly while creating any transaction (Invoice, Sales order, Purchase delivery, Stock Entry,...)

1. Select Batch IDs while creating transactions:

Starting by adding your products to your transaction. When you add any product that has batches, you will see this icon next to the Quantity:

2. Click on the icon, then click in the Batch ID field to select or create Batch IDs:

You will see the existing Batch IDs for this product:

Select the Batch and the quantity. You can select multiple Batch IDs by adjusting the quantity for each.

If you want to let erplain automatically select the Batch IDs, click on 'Automatically allocate':

In case you have Batches with Expiration dates, 'Automatically allocate' will choose the Batches with the Expiration date closest to the creation of the transaction. Otherwise, it will select the oldest Batches.

3. Confirm the Quantity for each Batch ID. Note that the total quantity can't be higher than the quantity of products you have added to your transaction:

4. Save:

Please note that the Batch selection option is not available in Purchase orders, it is available when receiving products in the Purchase delivery.

Creating a new Batch directly when receiving products from a Purchase order or creating a stock entry

When you receive products from a Purchase order or create a stock entry, you will have the option to create a new Batch ID directly from the Batch selection screen. Simply click in the Batch ID and start typing; Press enter or the + sign to create the new Batch:

Tracking your Batches

Now that you have created Batches, you can track all transactions that include a specific batch.

1. Open the Batches menu from Products > Batches:

From this page, erplain will list all the Batch IDs that you have created:

2. Then click on any Batch ID to open the related transactions. erplain will list, by category, all the transactions with this Batch ID. In the example below, all the invoices with this ID:

Simply click on the other categories to open the related transactions.

Stock Adjustments for products with Batches

If you need to make manual stock adjustments for products with Batches, please use Stock entries and Stock removals as it is the only way to preserve a reliable traceability of your products.  For this reason, updating the quantity of products with Batches from the 'Inventory bulk update' page is disabled.

Bundles and Assemblies with Batch products

You can include Products with Batches as part of your Assemblies. When you transform the Assembly, you will have the ability to select the Batch ID:

You can also create the Batch ID directly from this page when you create the assembly:

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