From the menu 'Contacts' > 'Customers', you can view, search, create and export customers.

Customer list

Your customer list will display when you open the menu 'Contacts' > 'Customers':

Search or filter customers

Open the filter options by clicking on the filter box and start filtering.

Enabling/Disabling customers

Here are two ways to enable/disable a contact:

1. Select the contact(s), choose 'Select Operation" and then click "Enable" or "Disable":

2. In the colum "ACTIVE", place your mouse on the contact you wish to enable or disable and click on the following button:

Adding/Editing an address

To add an address to your customer, open the customer card (do not click on "Edit"). Click on "ADD" in the "Addresses" section to create a new address.

Your customer addresses will display here. You can edit them or delete them.

Creating customers

From the customer list, click on '+ CREATE':

Add the customer Address and Contact details:

Warning: The location name will appear on your PDFs

- Add NotesThese notes will not be displayed on any customer facing document.

- Add Customer Terms & Conditions for your PDFs: You can choose to replace the default terms and conditions or add it to the default terms and conditions in your PDF Settings.

- Add Detailed informationYou can choose to set a default minimum order value, location, price level, tax, currency, discount rate, terms and language for PDFs. By default ('Use default setting'), erplain will use the user language.

Finally, don't forget to save:

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