Purchase Deliveries can only be created from Purchase Orders and are used to acknowledge that you have received the products from the Purchase Order and add the products to your Available and On-Hand inventory.

To create a Purchase Delivery, open the Purchase Order and click on 'Receive products':

erplain will generate a Purchase Delivery with quantities matching the one from the Purchase Order:

Of course, you can create multiple Purchase Deliveries from one Purchase Order in case you receive your order in multiple times. Simply remove products from the Purchase Delivery or decrease the quantity.

In case you use Bin Locations in your warehouse or stock location, you can also choose the Bin location while receiving your products:

Click on 'SAVE' when you are done.

If you now go back to your Purchase Order and click again on 'Receive products', it will automatically update the quantities based on the remaining products.

For more information about the Purchase Orders, please refer to this article.


By default, creating a Purchase Delivery will increase your Available and On-Hand inventory while it decreases your Incoming inventory as soon as you save.

Important: In the menu Settings > Company settings, there is an option to confirm delivery before adding products to the inventory. If you enable this option, you will need to click on 'Receive products'  from the Purchase delivery to update your inventory accordingly:

Product cost

When adding products to your inventory with a Purchase Order, erplain will use the price saved in the 'Purchase Delivery' (created from the PO) to calculate the MAC.  erplain calculates the valuation only as your products come in.

Example: If the delivery is created on September 1st but the products are added to your inventory on September 3rd, the date registered in your valuation report will be September 3rd.

You can find more information about the product cost in this article.

The Purchase Delivery dashboard

You can access your Purchase Delivery list from the menu 'Inventory' > Deliveries:

Of course, you can filter your Purchase Deliveries by product, supplier, location,... by clicking on 'Filters'.

For more information about filtering with tabs, please refer to this article.

You can also access a Purchase Delivery directly from the Purchase Order:

Receiving products with a Barcode Scanner

You can use a Barcode scanner to confirm the products you are receiving.

After clicking on "Receive products", click on the 'Scan barcodes' button:

By default, all the products are automatically filled in with the quantity from the Purchase Order, so click on 'Set all products to 0' before scanning the products:

Scan multiple times to update the quantity or type the quantity directly beside the product name:

Click on 'SAVE' when you are done.

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