Product Settings

This feature allows you to create, edit or delete your product tags, brands, seasons and attributes.

Product tags, brands, seasons

Creating tags brands or seasons is simple.

1. Select 'Product tags', 'Seasons' or 'Brands'.

2. Click '+ CREATE'

3. Add a label and click 'SAVE'

Edit and delete

Editing and deleting is made easy through these two buttons Edit (left) and Delete (right).

You can also delete multiple items at once (see example below):


Creating Attibutes for your variants is also quick and easy.

1. Create an option (Size, Colour)

Click '
+ CREATE' to create an option.

2. Create an attribute (red, white, medium, large, etc)

Add your attributes under the choosen option by clicking the "
+" button:

Edit and delete

You can edit or delete your attributes using the two buttons Edit (left) and Delete (right).

Before deleting an option, you must delete all attributes under this option. The delete button only shows when no attribute can be found under the option.

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