Bin locations and Picking list

Bin locations

A bin location is an inventory storage location. 

For instance, a warehouse might be organized according to row, shelf, and bin with the bin number reflecting all three attributes. Using bin locations facilitates picking and storing and leaves less room for human mistakes.

Here are two ways to assign a bin location to a product:

1. Adding bin locations from the product card

Open your product card and add your bin locations (if you use variants, open each variant card):


2. Adding bin locations using bulk updates

Bin locations can be added and updated using the Inventory bulk update tool. However, you can also add or update bin locations using a CSV or XLSX inventory update.
 Inventory Menu > Inventory bulk update > Export button. For more details, please check the article Updating data.

IMPORTANT: a product cannot have more than one bin location per stock location.

Picking list

The picking list displays the bin location of each product to pick.

To generate a picking list, open a Shipping order and click 'ACTIONS > Picking list' from the top right end of your screen:

For more information on Shipping orders, please check the article Shipping Orders.

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