Changing a document creation date

Creation date

The creation date associated to a transaction is the date in which the document page is and saved.

This date impacts the order in which documents are presented in your lists (from most to less recent). You can check this date from any list of document at a glance (see column creation date).

The creation date can be used within erplain to create filters and views, as well as within the different reports erplain can create.

Our accounting partner QuickBooks also uses the creation date for all associated accounting purposes.

Note that if draft invoice is active then the invoice creation date will be the date the draft is finalized, not the creation date of the draft invoice it was created from.

How to change the creation date of a document

For the following example, we will be using an invoice, however rest assured all transactions (invoices, purchase orders, ...) (*) function in the same manner.

Go to the Sales menu > Invoices (*) > Select the invoice you wish to modify. Beneath the Customer name, the creation date of the document is displayed with a 'modify' logo (a pencil).

Select a new creation date using the date picker:

Why change the creation date?

The creation date of the document is vastly important for accounting purposes. If a document is sent to QuickBooks, for instance.

Often if the invoice (*) is out of the tax range of the fiscal year then QuickBooks will return an error message and refuse to synchronize this document until it enters within the current tax year.

Note: This feature is not available within certain countries such as France due to fiscal law restrictions not allowing finalized invoices to be altered.

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