Credit limits and Current balance for customers

You can set credit limits for each customer. If you set credit limits for your customers, you will not be able to save a sales order or an invoice if the credit limit as been reached.

Setting a credit limit

To set a credit limit, enter the amount in the customer profile as shown in the screenshot below:

The credit limit amount will use the transaction currency. If the credit limit is set to 3,000 it will be 3,000 USD if the transaction is in USD or 3,000 EUR if the transaction is in EUR.

Credit limit in the sales order or invoice

As you create a sales order or invoice, you will see the current balance just below the selected customer:

A warning will be displayed if you reach the credit limit:

Even if you don't set a credit limit, you will be able to see the current balance as you create sales orders and invoices.

Please note that we only include invoices in this credit limit if they are not associated with sales orders. If they are linked to sales orders, only the sales orders are considered. In any circumstance, only the subtotal will be taken into account.

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