Custom products

Custom products are products that aren't subject to inventory tracking in Erplain. They can be products that are sold for a limited time or a service that isn't meant to last. As such, they won't appear in the inventory.

This type of product only exists in Erplain through a sale or a purchase. For this example, we'll look into how a company can sell a custom product. In order to create the invoice, we first need to go to the "Sales" menu on the dashboard.

We then need to head over to the product selection screen and create a new product, with "Add custom product" allowing us to create a product for a one-off transaction.

Once we've added the product name, price, taxes and potential discounts, saving will then complete the sale of the custom product.

Once this is done, the custom product doesn't appear in either the product catalog nor in the inventory, as expected. However, the product will show up in the sales reports, which will act as a reminder of the transaction.

The custom products appear in the reports. 

  • With a Quickbooks integration, the sale is sent over to Quickbooks which shows it as a non-inventory product
  • With a Pennylane integration, the product doesn't appear in the product catalogue

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