Connecting to QuickBooks Online

If you already have an erplain account and want to connect to your QuickBooks account, simply go the erplain Menu: 'Apps':

  • Click on the 'Connect to QuickBooks' button:

  • Click on 'Authorize':

  • Your erplain account is now connected to your QuickBooks account.


- Please note that you need a QuickBooks Online Plus account to sync products, invoices and purchase orders from erplain to QuickBooks.

Connecting Erplain to a new QuickBooks account

Disconnecting your Erplain account from QuickBooks to connect to a new QuickBooks account is not supported. We recommend that you either:

1.Open a new Erplain account for the new QuickBooks account or

2. Delete all the data in your account before connecting Erplain to a new QuickBooks account.

Once you connect erplain to QuickBooks, your products are linked, your invoices are linked and your customers are linked. You would experience many inventory issues by connecting to a new QuickBooks account.

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