Ledger Accounts Mapping

In your QuickBooks settings, you can map your Ledger Accounts between erplain and QuickBooks. You will find below how these accounts are being used in erplain.

For more information on how to manage your QuickBooks settings, please refer to this page.

Income Account, Expense Account and Asset Account

Based on the ledger accounts mapping, each product created on erplain is assigned an Income Account, an Expense Account and an Asset Account. If you create a product on erplain, it will be sent to QuickBooks according to the ledger accounts mapping that was selected.

These accounts are only used when Erplain creates products in QuickBooks.

If you create the Product on QuickBooks, the ledger account mapping is not taken into account. erplain will preserve the selection done on the QuickBooks side. In addition, if you create a product on erplain, then send it to QuickBooks and then change the Income, Expense or Asset account on QuickBooks, erplain will update the product with these accounts regardless of the mapping.

The accounts defined in this section for products (Income, Expenses, and Assets) are the default accounts when Erplain creates the product in QuickBooks. If you import your products from QuickBooks, Erplain does not change the associated accounts. It is also possible to change the associated account once the product has been created and synchronized (in QuickBooks or in Erplain). It is therefore possible to have different associated accounts depending on the type of product.

If you can't find an account in the list provided, it doesn't match the type of account requested by QuickBooks.

Please note that erplain will not use these accounts for any other transaction.

Discount Account

When erplain sends an Invoice to QuickBooks, it will assign the discount included in the Invoice to the Discount Account.

Deposit Account

When a refund is created on erplain, it will be assigned to the Deposit Account. 

Account Payable Account

Purchase Orders created on erplain are assigned to the Account Payable Account. We recommend that you use a single account. However, if you use multiple currency , it will be necessary to use a different account for each currency.

Invoices created on erplain

When you create an Invoice on erplain, the same Invoice is created on QuickBooks. erplain does not update any ledger account directly.  The ledger Accounts are updated by QuickBooks based on the product settings (Income, Expense and Asset accounts).


Please note that if you record a payment on erplain, it will be sent to QuickBooks as a payment, at the same time as the invoice.

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