Processing sales / Checkout

The checkout process is very easy and takes only a few seconds.

Browsing and selecting products

From the Checkout screen, simply press on the products you need to add to the transaction. 

To search for products, press on the magnifier bouton:

Start typing product names or SKUs, the app will filter your products automatically.

To select products with their barcodes, press on the Barcode button:

Start scanning your products with your device camera:

Make sure that you have assigned the barcodes to your products from the product profile in erplain.  You can find more information about assigning barcodes to your products on this page.

To update the quantity, you can press on the product multiple times, or press on the selected products in the cart section to edit the quantity:

You can remove products from the cart one by one by swiping left:

Or you can remove all the products by pressing on this button:

Important: Both Kits and Batch Tracked products are not supported or displayed within the POS.

Selecting and creating customers

To include your customer information (Name, Phone number, and email address) in the transaction, you can select an existing customer by pressing "Select customer":

Or you can create a new customer by pressing the + sign:

and then on "Create customer":

Product price and discount

The erplain POS app will use the price of the products as set up in your erplain account. If the user has the permission, the price can be updated and a discount can be added. Start by clicking on the product in the cart section:

The next screen will give you these pricing options:

Sales taxes

Sales taxes will automatically be added to your order based on the setup from your erplain account.

You can also edit the sales tax for each products by pressing on the product in the cart section. 


Once your products have been selected, you can finalize the sale by pressing on "Checkout":

Select the Payment method:

Confirm the paid amount (you can accept multiple payments, the remaining balance will be calculated automatically):

For cash payments, the erplain POS app will automatically calculate the change due based on the cash amount given by the customer:

Also in this Checkout screen, you can assign a Salesperson to this transaction for your sales report:

You can also include Notes that will be saved in the transaction:


Once the payment has been confirmed, you can email or print the receipt for your customer.

You can find more information on the supported printers on this page.

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