From the menu 'Contacts' > 'Suppliers', you can view, search, create and export suppliers.

Supplier list

Your supplier list will display when you open the menu 'Contacts' > 'Suppliers'.

Search or filter suppliers

Open the filter options by clicking on the filter box and start filtering.

Enabling/Disabling suppliers

Here are two ways to enable/disable a contact:

1. Select the contact(s), choose 'Select Operation" and then click on "Enable" or "Disable":

2. In the 'ACTIVE' column, place your mouse on the contact you wish to enable/disable and click on the following button:

Creating suppliers

From the customer list, click on '+ CREATE':

- Add the supplier Contact details and Address:

- Add Notes: (These notes will not be displayed on any customer facing document.)

- Add Detailed information:

You can choose to set a default price level, tax, currency, discount rate and PDF language for your supplier.

Finally, don't forget to save:

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