PDF Settings

Your PDF Settings will affect how your documents look once you generate a PDF. For example, your Invoices:

Go the menu 'Settings' > 'PDF Settings':

Additional company information

This section will be displayed on all your PDFs

Terms & Conditions

This section will be displayed based on your preferences

Page footer

This section will be displayed on all your PDFs

Payment information

This section will be displayed on your invoices

This section can be used for bank account numbers or any other payment information that you need to share with your customer. Additionally, you can create multiple 'payment information' and set one as default.

Note: The payment information section will show only in invoices, and you can select a different one as you create the invoice.

Display settings

The language in PDFs can be set for all the PDFs in these settings, or they can be set directly in each customer or supplier profile.

If you use the External reference field, you can customize its label in PDFs. For example, "PO number".

In other display settings, simply select the options based on your preferences:

In some countries, the customer Tax number needs to be included in all invoices. Simply check this option and choose the label to show in the PDFs.

Documents settings

You can also select some PDF settings for each individual document. For example, you can rename 'Estimate' by 'Quote' if this more common for your business, or you can rename 'Shipping Order' by 'Packing list'.

You can also display the remaining units from a Sales Order in the Shipping Order PDF. Simply check this option under the Shipping order settings.

Bulk download
In your documents lists (Sales orders, Invoices, Purchase orders,...), you can generate and download the PDF for one or multiple documents at the same time.

Simply select the document(s) with the check boxes and click on Download PDF:

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