Quick transition guide

This page is for current erplain users transitioning to the new version.

While the overall user interface is very similar, you will find some differences and improvements in some areas. The sections below will help you make the transition easier and benefit from the new navigation.



Filters already exist in erplain but we have improved the way to quickly find the information you are looking for in all relevant pages (product list, stock level, invoices, etc...).

Quick search

1. Click in the Filter box:

2. Select a Filter, SKU for example:

3. Start typing:

The results will be displayed on the page.

Depending on the information being filtered, you will have new options to be more precise with your search. For example, while searching for a SKU, you will have 'Is', 'Is not', 'Contains' or 'Does not contain' options.

Another example with Tags: If you select 'Contains', you will see all Products that have the Tag Tennis OR have the Tag Outdoor:

If you select 'Is', you will see all Products that have the Tag Tennis AND have the Tag Outdoor:

Combining filters

If you need to combine multiple filters:

1. Select the first Filter and text for the first search

2. Click again in the Filter box:

3. Select another Filter, Tag for example:

4. Select the Tag and the 2 Filters will be combined:

5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for to combine more filters.

Saved filters (new Tabs)

If you need to save filters to access this information quickly, follow these steps:

1. Once you have entered one or more filters, click on the Saved Filter Button:

2. Click on 'Create filter':

3. Select the name for the filter:

Once you have created Saved Filters, you can access them at anytime by clicking on the Saved Filter button:

The list of your saved filters will be displayed:

Click on the name of the Saved Filter to select and display the results.

You can delete the Saved Filter by clicking on the Recycle button: 

To edit a Saved Filter, select the Saved Filter in the list, make the changes to the filters, click on the Saved Filter button and then on the 'Update Filter' Button:

Transactions navigation (Sales, Purchases and Adjustments)

For all transactions (Invoices, Purchase orders, Stock adjustments, ...), you will find a new Action button at the top right of the screen:

Here you will find contextual options such as Send by email, Duplicate, Complete, Cancel or Picking list for Shipping orders:

Linked transactions

Once you are in a Sales order, Invoice, Purchase order, or Product returns you can easily access all other linked transactions (Shipping orders, Invoices,...) in their respective Tab:

Sales orders:

If you click on Shipping Orders, you will see all the Shipping orders created from this Sales order:


Data Exports

You no longer have an Export Data menu in the Settings. All the exports are done directly from each page by clicking on the Export Button: 

For example in your Product list:

If you need to export only a selection of items, make sure to select your filters before clicking on the export button.

Once you click on the Export button, you can now choose the file format, CSV or XLSX:

Important: The CSV will have to be opened from Google Sheets or from LibreOffice. Please do not Edit CSV files with Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers as it will damage the file and potentially the data on your account if you use this file to import or update.

Once you click on the file format, erplain will start the export in the background, you can continue to work. Once the file is ready, you will see a notification at the top of your screen.

Click on the Notification / Download button to see all recent Export files:

Then Click on the file download button next to the export you wish to download:

Note: Please note that the import and data update feature works the same way as before the update.

User profile, Account settings and Quick Access menu

At the top of your screen, you will now find The Quick Access Menu and your Account Profile menu. We have added the Background Operations menu and the Download menu:

Account Profile menu

From this menu you can access your Profile settings, the Account Settings (admin only), a link to our Help Center and the Log out button:

Quick Access menu

From this menu, you can quickly create a new Customer, Sales order or Stock Entry for example. This is a shortcut to save you a few clicks.

Download menu

From this menu, you can access all recently exported files (CSV and XLSX):

Background operations menu

From this menu you can check the status of your imports and data updates:

Tutorial video on the main changes in this new version:

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