Placing an order on the B2B Store

Once you connect to the store, you can place orders by selecting products, and then clicking on the shopping cart and Proceed to Order.

Filtering products:

You can filter products by name, SKU or categories (Tags, Seasons, and Brands):

Adding products to the order:

Click on "More Info" to have more details about a product and Click "Add to Cart" to add this product to your order:

For Products with Variants, click on "Select Variants" to select the variants you wish to order:

Place the order:

You can choose to add an External reference (typically used for a P.O. Number) and "For the attention of" to direct the order to someone in the company:

Once you are ready to place the order, click on the Shopping Cart and "Proceed to Order":

Review the order, add some notes, select the shipping address and click on "Finalize order" to save the order.

Order validation:

The order will be saved, and its status will be pending validation.

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