Product selection for the B2B Portal

To provide you with the most flexibility possible, you have multiple ways to select the products available in your B2B Store.

1. Publishing products on the B2B Store

Before customizing the selection of products for each customer, you will need to send your products to the B2B Store. Only products that are published on the B2B Store will be visible to your customers. To send products to the B2B Portal, you can open any product and click on "Send to B2B Portal':

You can also send multiple products at once from your product list:

Select the products and click on "Select operation", then on "Publish on Portal". Same process to remove products from the portal, click on "Unpublish from portal".

Products published on the portal will display the portal icon in the product list:

Once you have published products on the B2B Portal, you can also filter which categories (Tags, Seasons and Brands) of products will be available. This will give you the flexibility to easily add or remove products based on categories. This is done in the B2B Portal settings:

Unless you have selected other settings for your customer, this selection will be applied for all your customers.

2. Customizing your selection of products for each customer

You can also customize your selection of products for each customer. This is done by selecting categories (Tags, Seasons and Brands), either when you invite a customer to the portal or by editing the customer access from the menu Customers in the B2B Portal menu:

Then select the categories:

These settings will override the B2B Portal default settings. Your customer settings are prioritized.

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