Payments (Stripe integration)

We have partnered with Stripe to provide payment processing capabilities to our customers.

Connecting your erplain account with Stripe

You can connect your erplain account to your Stripe account from the menu Apps > Connect with Stripe:

Once you click on Connect with stripe, you can create a new Stripe account.

IMPORTANT: You cannot connect an existing Stripe account to erplain. You would need to create a new Stripe account.

Invoice payment

Once you are connected with stripe, your customers will see the "Pay Invoice" buttons in the invoices:

Payment options will differ based on your Stripe account setup (Credit cards, SEPA transfers within Europe).

Pricing and fees

Stripe charges differently depending on the country, payment method and amount paid. For more information, we recommend you to check this page.

The integration fee charged by erplain is 1% (on top of the Stripe fee) of the total amount of each transaction. We will be adding new price plans with lower fees in the next few months.

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