Draft invoices (Proforma invoices)

The creation of the draft invoice can be used as a teaching tool when training new users to your account, or as a workaround for proforma invoices. Activating this option will create an extra step to the sales documents flow.

Activating draft invoices

The option draft for invoices can be found in Settings menu > Company Settings > Settings

Understanding draft invoices

The draft invoice is a transitory document. Once finalized, it disappears to be replaced by your final invoice.

All new draft invoices are stored in the Sales menu > Invoices, the same as current finalized invoices.
Draft invoices, to avoid any confusion appear with a specific number chain “#D” and the “Draft" status to set them apart from the finalized Invoices (with “#I” number chain) easily.

The draft invoice has a PDF created that can be viewed, downloaded or sent to the customer.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the PDF is not titled draft invoice, but "Invoice" therefore can be misleading. Please refer to the document number chain used “#D” for draft, “#I” for finalized Invoices.

- To finalize your draft invoice please click the “create final invoice” button.

Using draft invoices as proforma

The draft invoice can be sent to the client through Actions > Send by email.

We would highly recommend, to avoid any confusion on your clients part, to create an email template for proforma use explaining that this is a proforma document.

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