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How to view a PDF

The PDF of a transaction is the document that is sent from erplain to your customers or suppliers. It can be an estimate, sales order, invoice, purchase order or stock adjustments.

These documents can be personalized to a degree with the PDF settings.

To view a PDF, please open the transaction and click on the PDF button:

Downloading  a PDF

Erplain allows for two different ways to download PDFs:

The first is a "Download PDF" button found immediately under the View PDF button. This will download the document to your computer as a PDF document named  as the following:

 "transaction number" - "client name". pdf for instance "I00000062-AdamAndersen.pdf".

The second would be to download from the view PDF feature. This will require confirmation prior to being downloaded as a PDF:

- You can also download PDF in bulk:

View PDF not functioning

Erplain is a web application used via your browser. Therefore, the erplain account and pages are beholden to the privacy setting of the browser a user utilizes to log in to erplain.

Typically, if a problem occurs and the PDF page does not open into a new tab or at all, the privacy setting of the internet browser used are blocking pop-ups.

Please see below the top six most used internet browsers, and linked are the browsers help pages demonstrating how the browser options can be changed with regard to pop-ups.

1) Google Chrome
2) Apple Safari
3) Firefox
4) Microsoft Edge
5) Opera
6) Brave

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