Training Day videos (Webinars)

Session 1 - How to manage your business in real time using the right analysis tools

Learn how to track key indicators of your business and make the right decisions to improve how you manage your inventory and B2B sales using Erplain.

➤ Margins, costs of good sold, inventory valuation, Creating sales reports based on your activity

Session 2 - Learn all about traceability and take advantage of Erplain’s assembly and kitting features

These 2 features are essential for the efficient management of your operations.

➤ Product traceability: batch and serial numbers, expiry dates - Assembly/Kits: transforming products from components or bundling products

Session 3 - Learn tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Erplain

Customize settings to meet the unique needs of your business.

➤ Margins, inventory details, exports, Customization of views, PDF, emails, reports, tags, New Stripe integration, navigation, barcodes, data updates

Session 4 - Learn how to grow your B2B sales using Erplain’s B2B Store

Erplain’s B2B e-commerce platform lets you quickly create an online store that features your branding and products and enables your customers to easily and independently place and track orders from the convenience of their phone or PC.

➤ Introduction to the B2B Store and advanced settings, Best practices online payments…

Session 5 - Learn how to become an Erplain expert in sales management and improve your restocking strategies

Optimize your sales process. Tips and tricks for improving your restocking strategies. 

➤ Estimates, sales orders and shipping orders, reserved stocks, invoices, reports, alerts, purchase orders, Price levels, Payments, outstanding debt tracking, Online payments

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