QuickBooks Commerce migration to Erplain

Migrating from QuickBooks Commerce to Erplain is very straight forward. The first step is to export your data from QuickBooks Commerce and import it to QuickBooks Online (Plus or Advanced). Then in just a few clicks, sync your data from QuickBooks Online to Erplain.

We recommend that you read this article prior to using Erplain with QuickBooks Online: How does the QuickBooks integration work?

1. Exporting your data from QuickBooks Commerce to QuickBooks Online

Please note that you will need either QuickBooks Online Plus or QuickBooks Online Advanced to sync with Erplain.

For your convenience, here is the link to an article from QuickBooks where you will find instructions to export your data from QuickBooks Commerce to QuickBooks Online: Data exporter guide. Please contact QuickBooks directly for any question related to this export.

2. Synchronizing your data from QuickBooks Online to Erplain

Once your data is in QuickBooks Online, you can import your products, customers and suppliers to Erplain. They will then sync between the 2 systems (2 way sync).

IMPORTANT: After your imported from data from QuickBooks Commerce to QuickBooks Online, it is common to have non-inventory products in QuickBooks Online. It is required to convert these products to inventory products in order to track the inventory in Erplain (and QuickBooks Online). Make sure to update the type of product before importing to Erplain. A non-inventory product in QuickBooks Online will be a non-inventory product in Erplain.

The following section from our Help Center will detail the instructions to set up and import your data to Erplain: Setup and instructions to use Erplain with QuickBooks Online. It contains articles to open your Erplain account, connect it to QuickBooks and sync your data.

For any question or for assistance, please don't hesitate to open a ticket.

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