Creating and managing your Products

Products are items that are tangible, such as pens, shoes, or hats and Services are activities provided by people, such as technicians, or trade professionals. You can list all your products and create new ones by going to the Products Menu.

This is your products list, you can open your product profile by clicking on the name of the product, or edit by clicking on the Edit button.  You can also filter your products based on your categories: Suppliers, Tags, Brands and more by clicking on the filter button.

Deleting a product

Here are two ways to enable/disable a contact:

1. Select the product(s), choose 'Select Operation" and then click "Delete":

2. To delete a product click on the following button:

IMPORTANT: Once your products have been deleted, you won’t be able to track their inventory and valuation anymore and sales reports will not include these products.

Creating a product

To create a new product, click on '+ CREATE':

Then, fill your product's information starting by the product type:

Product information are categorized (Overview, Inventory, Selling Prices, Tags etc). In each category, you can click the information button for more details.

Note: To learn more about the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), you can check the related article.

Finally, don't forget to save:

If you need to create products variants (same product in other sizes or colors for example). Please refer to the article Creating and managing product variants.

If you need to create products bundles or assemblies. Please refer to the article Assemblies and Kits.

Barcode support

To assign a Barcode to your products, simply scan your product's barcode in the barcode field (Category 'Overview') and save your product:

Once you have assigned the barcodes to your products, you can use your barcode scanner to add products to your orders by clicking on the "Scan barcodes" button.  You can find more information on this page: Barcodes.

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