Multi-currency in Shopify

The use of multi-currency in Shopify depends on the settings entered in Shopify Payments and in Shopify Markets.

Important things to know before activating multi-currency in Shopify

Before you start setting up all your markets and the local currencies you want your customers to have access to, we recommend you check your price level for your products in Erplain and select one you want to sync your Shopify store with. Below is a screenshot on how to set it in your settings:

Understand that Shopify allows you to have both a Store Currency and a Payout Currency (more details in this article). Erplain will show the amounts of the invoices in the local currency that your customer used when submitting their order.

To sell in multiple currencies on Shopify, you need to activate both Shopify Payments and Shopify Markets (the settings are in Shopify, not in Erplain).

When a purchase is made in a foreign currency on your Shopify store

Note: This scenario will only happen if you allow your customers to make purchases in their local currencies (by activating Shopify Markets and Shopify Payments).

When a buyer places an order and makes a payment on your Shopify Store in their local currencies, Erplain will create the sales order, shipping order, and invoice in the local currency of the buyer.

You will see that Shopify shows them in your default store currency. When you place your cursor over the amount, it will show you the amount in the currency paid by your customer.

If someone buys in a currency not yet added in Erplain

This applies when someone submits a purchase on your Shopify store using their local currency, but that specific currency has not yet been incorporated in your list in Erplain. For example, someone from New Zealand.

The sales order, the shipping order, the invoice, and the new currency will all be created in Erplain with that local currency (NZD). However, the exchange rate will automatically be set to the "1 = 1" ratio.

Therefore, you want to edit it right away and set the proper exchange rate ratio for accuracy.

Multi-currency in reports

As stated above, your invoices will show the amounts in the local currencies. However, when looking for your sales reports in the menu, you will be able to see the same invoices with your store currency. Erplain will pull the same amount as the one in your Order menu in 

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