Drop shipping a Shopify Sales order


Drop shipping allows you to send products directly from your Suppliers to your Customers.

If you want to enable Drop shipping, make sure to enable this option in the Company settings.

Drop shipping a Shopify Sales order

When receiving a Sales order from Shopify you can change a delivery type.

By default, the delivery type is always set on "stock location" for Shopify orders. This means that the delivery is made "From" the selected stock location.

- If you want to drop ship a Sales order coming from Shopify you can click on "Set order as drop shipping":

Warning: Once you have set an order as "drop shipping", you will not be able to change the delivery type for this order.

- Click "Confirm" to continue:

- You can now click on "Create Purchase Order" directly from the sales order.

For more information about Drop shipping, please visit this page.

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