Minimum Order and Packagings for your B2B Store

Minimum order value (MOV)

The Minimum Order Value is the minimum amount your customer needs to meet, in order to place an order with you.

You can define the minimum order value in the customer file (menu Contact > Customers):

It will not be possible to finalize the order until the order amount hasn't reached the MOV:

You can find more information on the minimum order value on this page Minimum order value.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

If you wish not to sell a product below a certain quantity, it is possible to define a Minimum Order Quantity. This is done directly in the product profile (Menu Products):

Once you have defined this minimum order quantity, it will no longer be possible to put a lower quantity in an order. This minimum order quantity will be displayed by default as soon as this product is added to an order. 

The minimum order quantity of a product will be displayed in the product sheet and it will not be possible to add the product to the cart below the minimum quantity.


Packagings are used to sell a product in multiple quantities. For example, you can buy a product in a box of 100 and sell the same product in a box of 10 and a box of 20. It is also used to define the "By sales unit" when a product is not sold by the unit but only by 10.

It is possible to add a packaging to the B2B Store, but not the unit product. To publish the packaging in the B2B Store, go to the packaging (like a normal product) and click on 'Send to B2B Store':

Packagings will be displayed in your product sheet:

You can find more information on Packagings on this page: Packagings

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